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Currently, we in Nama Halal Int’l Co are working on establishing a factory specialized in producing animal gelatin “Alhalal”, and would like to give our honorable customers a brief outline about the importance of this vital product.



Gelatin deemed to be one of important food components entering in many foods, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care industries. Gelatin is a high purity protein, sticky, colorless; sometimes it tends to dark yellow color. Water soluble, extracted from collagen, which represents the main element in skin, bones, cords and other fiber tissues formation.

It’s Properties:

 Gelatin is a natural glutinous substance, characterized by crystallization and effect stabilization properties, also adding gelatin normally increases viscosity. These properties in their role depend on the source from which gelatin, concentrate and PH are extracted in addition to the temperature.

Its Functional Features:

Gelatin is marked by multiple and important functional features. In addition being as protein source it enters in many foods, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care industries due to its functional features, among these features:


  1. High ability to connect with water.
  2. Ability of emulsion.
  3. Ability to form foam.
  4. Thickening factor.
  5. Ability to give viscosity.
  6. Ability to form layer surrounding foodstuffs.
  7. Ability to give flexibility (elasticity).
  8. Fastening factor with food and pharmaceutical product.



(Previous source of its functional features: Wikipedia Website).


Gelatin Uses:

Gelatin substance enters in several vital industries used in individual Muslim daily life:

First: Foods & Beverages Industry: Such as (Marshimalo sweets and cheese cake, gel sweet, types of milks or gum to give the product elasticity, ice cream industry as stabilizing substance, milk and curd products as gelatinizing substance, it also enters in cheese industry such as Halloom cheese, chocolate industry, and in producing margarine butter as emulsion substance due to gelatin high ability to connect with water, industry of candies, juices, Mahalabiah sweet powder, energy drink, pastries, cake, pies, fruit preservation, fish products cover and meat cover as an external layer to protect the product against dryness in addition to its protection against oxidation particularly in producing sausage and diet foods.


Second: Pharmaceuticals Industry: Keeps solid and soft gelatin (capsules), bandages, granules cover to become insoluble, tablets, anal and vaginal suspensions, ointments and toothpastes.


Third: Photography.

Fourth: Cosmetics.

Fifth: Industries include textile and paper.

Main sources to manufacture food and pharmaceutical “raw’ gelatin material currently:


  • Pigs’ bones and skins.
  • Livestock bones and skins.

The question poses itself: How much Gelatin “Alhalal” percentage globally?

According to the estimates of one of regional expertise center for industrial consultations, the percentage of animal gelatin “Alhalal” globally for year 2013 was in the limits of (1.5: 1%) where Pigs’ skins constitute major raw materials used to manufacture gelatin globally.

From this point, Nama Halal Int’l Company’s vision for this project is that it is of legal duties, to eliminate prohibition from the nation of master of Messengers Muhammad (PBUH), and that it is of blessed projects gathering between both blessings of the present life and afterworld. Company works diligently to achieve the dream of the nation in establishing this factory soon God Willing.