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Who We Are

Who We’re

Nama Halal Int’l Investment & Trading Development Co, a Saudi limited liability company, officially registered in Ministry of Commerce & Industry in Riyadh under No (1010429938) specialized in primary industries of foods, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care products “Alhalal”.

Our Vision:

To be of leading international companies in foods, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care products industry, in best “Islamic” quality standards, to be the best option to the consumers in all company’s targeted markets, and to become as well a practical and honest model for all companies manufacturing international consumers products “Alhalal”.

Our Mission: 

To provide unsuspected good product “Alhalal”, in accordance with provisions of Islamic law and rules. We work with excellence and high professionalism, as well as we use latest technologies and Microsystems, in which we observe the highest quality levels, consumers safety and health, preserving public environment, taking care of all company’s personnel (partners of success), including qualified and experienced human resources, marked by spirit of initiative, commitment, development, enhancement, continued innovation, to gain consumers trust all over the world.

Our Values:

Kindness, honesty, loyalty, transparency, clearness, perfection, quality, working in team spirit, innovation and creativity.